The Clue started life in the early 1980's as a full time rock band in search of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness! After years of aquiring and accumulating for this creational endeavor, founder Gordon A. Schroeder, inspired by technology, started Midi Magic Studios, where friends and musicians who have stayed in contact with each other since the mid 1970's, fill their desire to express their feelings & create new, exciting music.thecluemusicdotcom
We want to celebrate the life of a very good friend, father, our number one fan ever and true 4th member of this band …. Kevin Atwell

Kevin was always there for us and probably attended more of our shows then all other friends, family and all fans combined ! He came out to listen to us play and took more pictures and video of us then one could ever imagine or hoped for….
Kevin was there from the start supporting us and will still be there in our hearts long after his passing. A very kind and gentle good hearted man, he was also very loyal to all his friends and family and will truly be very deeply missed!

We have not kept this web page updated very well over the years as we continued to play, time spent with family and other ventures superseded any time that we would have spent keeping updates here like pictures, songs recorded and videos that should have been posted a long time ago from happening. That said, in honor of our fallen comrade who did fight the good fight till the end, we will try to put more effort into updating this page and sharing all that was mainly captured by Kevin.

There are a lot of crazy things going on in this world and one might often wonder why or how things can so often spiral out of control even to those who are blessed with many friends and loving family.
We dedicate the song,
What If - to Kevin.
You can find this song in the Music link

It is a very tragic loss for all who knew him and I would like to let people know that even though in the last few years of his life he seemed to want to just keep to himself, through another venture, I came to know an even softer but very creative side of him that some may have not previously known. Kevin shared the passion to share and create memories for others to relive through video and pictures and was also there when I got too busy and needed help with LeesSummitVideo and stepped in to help me edit quite a few wedding videos. He was very meticulous and spent much more time on detail then expected and you could truly tell he did want to make a great memory for those projects he helped me on.
He also took on a few weddings completely by himself and the pictures and video he shot were well worth his effort to bring joy and life long memories to those projects he took on.

Kevin will always be in our hearts and we as well as many friends and family will surely miss him, thanks for all you did and all the many memories you made special for us!
We were blessed to have had you in our lives, Thank You so Very Much!

Love You Kev
The Clue

Meet the owner of Midi Magic Studio -
Orange Planet Productions &
Lees Summit Video -

Gordon A. Schroeder
Keyboards & Vocals

GordonNo stranger to music, Gordon Schroeder, a Kansas City native, bought his first Moog Synthesizer by the age of 16 instead of a car. After teaching himself to play keyboards he soon found himself playing for a living in bands full time. This would lead him to opening for talents such as Heart, Head East and other national acts. Gordon likes all kinds of music with influences from bands like Aldo Nova, Angel, Creed, Dream Theater, Hootie & the Blowfish, Journey, Kansas, Matchbox 20, Starcastle, Styx,Toto, and many others...

As a keyboardist and lead singer on the road for many years, he came back to Kansas City to open Midi Magic Studio, where he was able to follow his passions further as a singer, songwriter, keyboardist, engineer and producer. With his own studio he formed Orange Planet Productions and produced for many other bands as well as his own. One of his own productions Get Past It by The Clue is now on itunes. Later he opened Lees Summit Video adding professional videography and video editing to his passions.

Gordon likes to immerse himself in electronic gadgetry and is a severe gear hound. He finds himself equally at home and most happy surrounded by a mountain of synthesizers or behind a large mixing board with lots of gear and toys to play with…
Computers and technology also seem to come easy to him being a multimedia buff all of his life he loves to combine his passions in his audio and video productions.

Gordon also loves to play multiple instruments so you'll often find him in the studio recording on a large set of electronic drums or other instruments. However, the best place to see his energy is to come to a live show where you'll find him with a remote keyboard strapped around his neck out in the crowd doing one of his favorite Moog solos or singing lead vocals and harmonies while playing multiple keyboards.

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